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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 7: Hunting and Gathering: Tornados for Toddlers

Day 7: Hunting and Gathering: Tornados for Toddlers

While the littles are away, the Momma will play…riiiight…using
this Mommy-time to gather materials on weather, and specifically, tornados.
Little Lady has had questions about tornados in relation to the recent
devastation in our part of the States. I briefly described what a tornado is
and the damage it can cause, but I kept our conversation pretty vague to start
off with: it was pre-bedtime, and Little Miss already has a fear of storms…without
handy teaching resources, I didn’t want to fuel any nightmares! Mommy says: let’s
stick a pin in tornados for tonight. She shifted gears almost immediately:

“What about the kids that the tornado took their toys and
everything away?”

“Well, how do you think they feel?”

(wide eyes) “Sad! and upset…and maybe mad.”

(I nod.)

“We should send them a card- that would make them smile! And
we can share some of our toys with them!”

(I smile.)

And so, here I am: hunting down materials to meet my three
goals in using this teachable moment:

Weather: Teach about tornados in a way that sparks interest,
shares facts, and doesn’t create irrational fear.

Safety: Teach life skills on Storm Safety at home: what to
do when sirens go off, how to stay safe, creating an emergency bag to help
little have a sense of security in storm situations.

Empathy: Seek opportunities to involve the children in
helping those suffering from the recent tornado damage: making cards,
collecting coins, donating toys/books/clothes, etc.

Materials gathered so far: pictures of tornados, toddler-friendly
diagram of a tornado forming, bookmarked videos on the lap top showing tornados
(not too scary), Craft Hope book (for ideas on things to make that could be
donated), weather books.

Now: after I get my “day job” work done, I’m off to the
library and the teacher store. Also following up on service opportunities with
a friend in the radio business. More to come…

Do YOU have resources or ideas to share on teaching toddlers
and preschoolers about weather, tornados, and storm safety? I’d love for you to

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