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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 24: The Bunny Service Jar

Day 24: The Bunny Service Jar
A routine stop at Target: grab a cart from its lonely spot in the parking lot, start transferring kids from van to cart, when:
“Mommy LOOK! There’s a brand new chocolate bunny in this cart! Is this for us?”
“What do you think?”
“No…but can we keep it?”
“Do you think that’s a good idea?”
“How do you think that bunny ended up in this cart in the middle of the parking lot?”
“Maybe a kid left it there on accident!”
“And she’s probably sad! Mommy we have to go find her and give her her bunny back?”
“Well, she’s probably already gone, honey. What else might we do?”
“Give it to the lady!”
So we march on in, stand in the looong line at customer service, until Little Lady
has her turn: I push her up, and she says to the young cashier:
“Here- we found this in our new cart- some little girl left it and now she’s sad and she’s going to come back to find it someday so here it is!”
Young cashier takes the bunny- her words say “Thank you,” but her face and demeanor says, “How weird- I totally would have kept that bunny…”
Ah- the perfect opportunity to introduce the Bunny Service Jar, found here:
In short, this is a jar to hold “bunny tails” (cotton balls), one added for each
act of kindness. When the jar is full, we will go do something special- the
kids selected “go to the candy office”…after some questioning, I am pretty sure
this is a made-up place, but that its glory is based on vague memories of a
small sweets shop we visited a few months ago. We will go there and get treats
when the jar is full, but we’ll also use it as a time to share back out in some
way as well…we’ll see…

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