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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 11: Cards for Tornado Damage Victims

Day 11: Cards for Tornado Damage Victims

Get your kids involved in the relief efforts for the recent tornado damage in the Midwest!

One way to help kids feel as though they can make a tangible difference for someone in need is to create a card expressing their feelings of connection and encouragement. Our family’s current goal is to make 30 cards to send, using templates provided by K-LOVE Radio.

K-LOVE radio’s Encouraging Card templates are available here:
These cards are being collected for the next two months, so get the crayons out, kids!

This link also provides information to help you make monetary donations to help relief efforts in Indiana, and there is information available for food, clothing, and supply drives with pick up sites in the Indianapolis area- for example, Henryville, Indiana in particular is in need of school supplies, which could provide a meaningful way to get children involved in donating goods to other children in need.

Craft a caring child- help in a small way today!

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