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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Creating Spaces in My Life

A family vacation, double ear infections for each little one, three birthday
parties for one lucky lad, hosting Easter festivities in our home, all within
the past month…whew.
Now to rest: working full time from home, trip to the park, visit to Conner Prairie,
cleaning, babysitting, drawing and painting, writing a paper for a grad class, days
and days of Play Doh play and clean up, play and clean up, back to the gym
after being gone waaaay too long (ouch), date night with the hubs, laundry…rest?
What does that mean?
Go, go, go.
I love to DO, I hate to just sit. When I sit still, I fall asleep.
Is this telling me something?
I’m looking for balance, always looking for a way to get it all done without
sacrificing the moments with the littles: how to get the work done without
shooing the little ones away?
I cringe inside every time I hear myself say,
"I can't right now, I'm busy."
I’m looking for ways to create spaces in my life to rest without falling asleep…times to BE in the moment without turning into a googly-eyed flake…
And ha- I come across this post on my new favorite blog to follow, A Holy Experience:
Lovely. Inspiration.
And daffodils are my favorite flower…coincidence? I think not. Spaces, spaces,