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Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 30: Resurrection Eggs

Day 30: Resurrection Eggs
Whether you purchase a premade set, like these, or make your own (several online
tutorials on how to do this), I think they’re worthwhile. If you’ve never heard
of Resurrection Eggs, they are a set of twelve plastic Easter eggs which each
hold a small item related to the events in the Easter story. If you buy the FamilyLife
set from the store (I got mine on sale and with a coupon that made it about
$10), you also get a little story book to help teach the story to children. You
can also make your own set fairly easily, and there are variations on the items
included in the eggs, but it all boils down to the same story…the most
important story you’ll ever hear to tell!
After “playing” them several times over the last week, here is what I heard being explained
from the four-year-old to the three-year-old in the back seat on our car trip today:
1. “This is the donkey Jesus rode on.” (donkey)
2. “These are the coins for the bad guys that killed Jesus.” (three silver coins)
3. “This is the cup for when Jesus said, ‘This is my Blood, now drink it.’” (silver chalice)
4. “This is the hands for when we pray.” (praying hands)
5. “This is the whip that the bad guys used to hurt Jesus with.” (strip of leather)
6. “This is the crown with points on it that the bad guys put on Jesus to hurt him.” (crown of thorns)
7. “This is the cross that Jesus died on.” (two nails in the form of a cross)
8. “This is the dice the bad guys played when Jesus died.” (die)
9. “This is the spear they poked Jesus with.” (spear)
10. “This is the blanket they covered Jesus with when He died.” (piece of fabric)
11. “This is the rock for the front of the tomb.” (rock)
12. “And THIS is the best one, Buddy- this is the EMPTY EGG because Jesus wasn’t in the tomb anymore- He went up to heaven!”
She held each item up, telling him about the meaning of each item. She was pretty much spot on, and I thought that was pretty much great.
PreKinders has a little snippet on their site and a good picture of a set like the one we
Practically At Home has directions on how to make your own similar set, which includes
slightly different objects:
There is also a book to go along these lines, which I have not read- but here’s the
info: it’s called Benjamin’s Box: The Story of the Resurrection Eggs by
Melody Carlson

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