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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Finding My Secret Fish Pond

Take time out to blog? Isn’t that just adding another thing to the already overstuffed “to do” list?



Something about being busy makes me want to write.

When I’m busy with the things that have to get done, the things that should get done, and the things I want to do, writing feels right: it’s taking time out to put order to my thoughts, realign my priorities, to tell myself it’s ok to stop and think about things without feeling idle.

Some people can day dream. I can’t- I dream myself off to sleep.

Writing is my day dreaming: cataloguing, recording, thinking on paper, my way of processing my life.

In our many travels around the gardens of the IMA, we came across this little pool of goldfish. It’s become known as our “secret fish pond.” It isn’t a secret- it’s on a well-marked path; it can be found on the map. But it’s our secret place because we never knew it was there until we took a different path and just stumbled across it one day. Each time we return to the gardens, we wander around looking for the “secret fish pond,” and sometimes we don’t find it. I could mark the right paths on our map and make it a point of interest: I could lead the littles right to it each time we visit. But wouldn’t that take the magic out of rediscovering it every time? We find it when we need it, and it keeps its feel of magic and intrigue.

Writing is my secret fish pond. What’s yours?