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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 25: Bedroom Crosses

Day 25: Bedroom Crosses
Little Lady says, “Why don’t I have any Jesus stuff in my room?”
“What is ‘Jesus stuff’?”
“You know, like a cross on my wall and pictures and stuff.”
“Would you like some of those things in your room? (nods) Why?”
“To help learn about Jesus and God and to remember to pray.”
“Let’s get to it then!”
Thus, the decorative cross craft. I found these wooden wall crosses on sale in the
Easter section of Jo Ann’s for 50 cents apiece. The children selected from the craft area their supplies to embellish their crosses: they picked the paints, glitter glue, sequins, and jewels.
They sat down and got to work. My part in this endeavor was the supplier of supplies and the squeezer of glue: the rest was all them.
So pretty- and what makes them all the more beautiful is the fact that the idea
and direction was kid-driven. I can’t wait to hang these in their rooms! Watch
out: woman with a hammer, on a mission, coming through…

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