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Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 2: Go Blow an Egg!

While the kids were away today, I worked on a slew of things- some fun, some that just had to be done: laundry, cooking dinner, running errands, grading papers, writing papers, more laundry, tidying, discussion posts...and crafting some Easter egg ornaments! Which part do you think I enjoyed the most? Hmmm...

So I decided that our egg tree this year would feature real eggs, decorated like those I remember the women in my family making at ornament exchange time when I was younger...but I wanted mine to have a fresh, updated look. I have blown some of the eggs out, and hollowed some of them to make little dioramas inside. The diorama ones are all in various stages of production, but I have posted pictures of the first two blown ones I did.

These are really easy and cheap to make- YOU should try making one today! They can be simple or elaborate, but the process is the same: soak, stab, swirl, blow, wash, dry and CRAFT those incredible, versatile eggs!

When the littles got home and saw the painted hollowed eggs, they brought me all sorts of tiny treasures to try to put inside for the scenes: dinosaurs, a teeny tiny horse, a plastic Mater that came off a Pez dispenser...I can't wait till these dry to start filling them up!

Share pictures if you decide to make some of your own!

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