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Friday, August 24, 2012

How to Make a Miniature Twig Chair

Every little dolly, elf, or fairy should have a comfy wooden chair! Here’s a quick and easy way to make your own decorative miniature chair out of twigs.

Step 1: Soak several small twigs in a pan of water for 2-3 days until they are pliable enough to bend. Select a pliable twig for the chair back. Gently bend it into a U shape; secure with a rubber band and dry completely.

Step 2: Use shrub shears to clip off eight 1.5 inch lengths of twig: two front legs, four for the base of the chair, and two to support the leg bottoms. Secure these in the shape of the chair using hot glue.

Step 3: Use embroidery floss or wire to wrap the joints of the chair, and to create a simple base for the chair pad.

Step 4: Connect two pipe cleaners by twisting to make one long piece. Wrap the pipe cleaner in a scrap fabric strip, or several fabric strips. Use a dab of hot glue to close the ends.

Step 5: Wrap the fabric-covered pipe cleaner into a swirl shape, using tiny amounts of hot glue to secure the spiral as you go.

Step 6: Attach the seat pad to the chair using hot glue. Add your own dollies, elves, fairies, or other little friends for a comfy scene of relaxation!
Note: While children can certainly hold and manipulate this small chair, it is more of a decoration than a toy. Take care with the small parts, and keep an eye on its structural integrity if small hands are using it.

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