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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Coming Up: Little Playspaces, Big Ideas

I am excited to kick off a five part series with you to help you design a functional playroom in a small space of your home!

Whether you have a spare bedroom or just a mudroom, you can repurpose your small space to create a play room that works for your kids and looks like a part of your home… instead of a dumping ground for ignored toys and random kid-clutter!

I will share our process and intentions in repurposing our little-used study into a Waldorf-inspired playspace, sharing ideas that can help you turn even a tiny area of your home into a beautiful, tidy, functional playroom. We will look at the five areas of intentional planning that will make your small playroom successful:

·         atmosphere

·         aesthetics

·         workspace

·         materials

·         maintenance

Find a small space in your home, start thinking about the type of play you want your children engaged in, and get started with me here tomorrow!

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